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Month: October 2018

Final Day

It’s my last day working as a full-time employee. Assuming that I can find enough work to support myself, at least. It goes without saying that I am full of mixed emotions – sad to leave the people I work with, excited to try something new, worried about what could go wrong…

Mixed emotions, indeed.

My current boss has said that he would like to maintain my services, but we have yet to discuss the details. I think it would work out better for both of us if he kept me on a retainer rather than a per-piece system. Anyway, that is something that should be resolved later today.

Fingers crossed!


Sfep Membership

Applied to join the Sfep just now. Will get confirmation within two working days. Hopefully, it will prove to be a useful resource.


First client

So, I have had my first commission through Upwork. It was confirmed yesterday, a proofreading of material for a website. I completed the first draft this morning and am looking forward to receiving some feedback, especially on one or two points that need clarification.


A new attempt

I stupidly managed to do something that made my former attempt at building a website go a little… wrong. Luckily, it had been largely experimentation and I didn’t really lose much. In fact, I learned quite a lot and have been able to start establishing this version a lot quicker. Still a few pages to add and experiments to make, but feeling positive that I can get there soon (ish)