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Month: November 2018

A Quiet Spell

Nothing new has come in for a few days, although I have had a few pieces of proofreading from Growth, Myanmar. I’m not worried about the situation yet, but I am beginning to think about how to improve my marketing. I don’t really have much of an idea of how to do that, though, so I guess I have some research to do first.


Short Story

A new client has offered a short story for proofreading and editing. It has turned out to be an interesting piece and deserves publishing, once edited. Not too much work needed, mostly just changing simple past to present perfect and adding a few commas.


First Course Completed

I completed the first SfEP course this morning. It was fairly basic, but rounded-off a few rough corners and gave me more confidence.



First Repeat Client

Following the very positive review that I posted last week, the same client has approached me for another proofreading/editing. Very happy to work for them again and very happy to have my first repeat client.


Third Proofreading

Another one arrived today. This time, it came through an agency. Short and low-paid, but it should help with getting my name out there and provide extra experience for me.


A little immodest, but…

The review for my second project on Upwork came back today. And, I’m more than a little happy with it:

Proofreading for finance document
5.00 (out of 5.00) Nov 2018
Marc is an amazing editor and proofreader for both technical and non-technical work. It was great having someone who could also provide suggestions on how to craft the sentences in a more meaningful way.
Definitely looking forward to working with him again!

Social Media Plugins Added

I have now added social media plugins to this site.

I hope they work.


Taking off

I had a second client approach me for work this morning and completed a two-thousand-word proofreading of a white paper.  They were easy to work with and the material was not too difficult to understand, so I was able to produce a text that both they and I were pleased with. Looking forward to seeing their feedback.

And… Through a colleague at one of my clients’ magazine publishing business, I have the possibility of a BIG translation project. Might be a little much for me at this stage, but I’m definitely going to hear out the details.


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