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Month: December 2018 (page 1 of 2)

As I will be traveling…


Shout out to Hostinger

Had a few problems with my site over the past couple of days, but very grateful to the super-friendly and amazingly efficient staff at Hostinger. They really went out of their way to help me. If anyone is looking for a host I strongly recommend them.


Christmas tidings

Today, I edited a short story for a repeat client. It was an enjoyable read, and resulted in much satisfaction on both parts, including a $5 bonus for me!


Advice for Buyers

Useful reading for anyone who needs translation work:



I finally decided to migrate from free hosting to Hostinger. A little confusing for me, as I am far from savvy in this area, but the guy was very helpful and sorted it out surprisingly quickly. I just need to purchase site security later, but all seems to be going well so far.


Slow progress

A little more work has been coming in, along with some tests to check my standard of editing. Fingers crossed for positive feedback from both.



“The writer who is adept with the semicolon allows the reader to rest at ease”.

An old one, but eloquently stated and useful for anyone hesitant about using semicolons.



The correct use of tenses in English is a problem for many. Idiomatic usage and American/British differences can confuse the matter even more. This table, of use to many EFL teachers, is a useful reminder to writers and readers as well as learners.



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