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Category: Flash Fiction

Daily Routine

By Louis Kasatkin

The first thing I noticed about him was that he always favoured the bench nearest the ornate water fountain, the one at the furthest point of the park’s circumference. Continue reading


By Mark Kuglin

Quinn’s avarice should have been obvious. His mendacious mindset and irresistible charm overrode Mary’s caution which created a willing victim. Had she really been paying attention– and not allowed her emotions to run unchecked– she would have seen right through him.

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Pancakes will make you happy

By Riham Adly

Ghosts from the future haunt me. I see the genesis of my new fat cells, all glorious and unhindered, going on strong in my belly and thighs. I get those flashes of premonition every time my feet carry me there—where I shouldn’t be.
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Existential Crisis

By Niles M Reddick

Grandma sent me a Trumpy Bear and I don’t care. I don’t even like him, don’t like his comb over, don’t like his fake everything. I already threw him in the trash. He’s over there in the corner, stuffed in the can, face down and big ass up, ready for the crusher at the dump. Continue reading

Just Do It

By Matthew Roy Davey

Remi lit a cigarette and moved to the window.  Below, on the opposite side of the street, an old man in a sheepskin coat was emerging from the Tesco Metro.

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Two for Sorrow

By Matthew Roy Davey

The magpies were in the road, pecking at something on the hot tarmac.  

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